We have a track record of delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

$2.5 Million


On behalf of public safety employees in wage case.

$1 Million

Jury Trial Victory

On behalf of employee in defamation and interference with contract.


Confidential Settlement

On behalf of employee in wage & hour violations for unpaid commission.


Confidential Settlement

On behalf of executive in wrongful termination and breach of contract case.

Four Reasons to Hire Shields, Petitti & Zoldan, PLC

Decades of Experience

We have over five decades of combined experience helping workers and businesses with employment & labor law matters. Unlike other employment lawyers, we have extensive trial experience. We are not afraid to engage in litigation and are willing to go to court to fight for our clients' rights.

Competitive & Results-Oriented

Our attorneys are competitive in seeking the best results for our clients. Shields Petitti & Zoldan has recovered nearly $25 million in settlements for our clients. Whether through negotiation or courtroom litigation, our attorneys use their expertise and knowledge to protect the interests of our clients.


Our attorneys are well-respected among their peers in the legal community. They are known for their willingness to take on challenging cases and for their ability to successfully secure favorable outcomes for clients. The law firm of Shields Petitti & Zoldan is recognized for its commitment to advocating for clients with tenacity and determination.

No Case Is Too Big or Too Small

Our clients range from small firms to large corporations, from receptionists to doctors, and from service industry workers to business executives. No case is too big or too small. Our attorneys are passionately fighting for equality and fair practices in the workplace.

Practice Areas

Arbitration and Mediation

Employee Advocacy

Employer Counseling

Employment Law

Employment Litigation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of cases do you handle as employment law attorneys?

Q: What sets your law firm apart from others in Arizona?

Q: How does the consultation process work?

Q: Why don't you offer free consultations?

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Employment Law Firm Representing Workers and Employers

Burr Shields, Mike Petitti, Michael Zoldan, and Sarah O'Keefe provide effective, personalized counsel and advocacy for Arizona businesses and for employees in all major industries and professions.

"I cannot relay how much his professionalism and expertise meant to me."

Wow - what a professional team. The compassion, experience and knowledge of each staff member was astonishing. I was especially impressed with Michael Zoldan's negotiation skills.

— D L

"Efficient, smart, easy to work with, does his homework in advance!"

Michael Zoldan provided me with excellent advice on how to handle separation and severance from my former employer. Mr. Zoldan could have recommended a course of action which would have resulted in higher legal costs--instead he recommended a course of action that was in my own best interest.

— Stephen B.

"He worked hard, he worked smart, and his indignation and intensity were unflagging"

I hired Burr Shields to defend my integrity and recoup economic damages when I was wrongly terminated as a result of a co-worker’s malicious misrepresentations. It was David-Goliath, uphill battle—we were up against a defense team funded by the Fortune 50 company I previously worked for. After a 5-day jury trial, Burr delivered unanimous defamation and punitive damages verdicts totaling $1 million with the jury taking just 40 minutes to deliberate.

— Anonymous

"He represents his clients well."

I have known Burr for years, personally and professionally. He's an outstanding individual, and, from being opposition him in a case, I can say he represents his clients well.

— Partner Review from Martindale

"A dynamic team that always delivers."

Mike Petitti is one of the best employment lawyers in town. He and his Partner, Burr Shields, make a dynamic team that always delivers. They are my top referral source when our firm cannot handle an employment case!

— Austin K

"The process was explained to me perfectly and the results were better than expected. "

Mr. Zoldan won me a ton of money for a sexual harassment suit against a fortune 200 company. It was a long time coming and I feel vindicated in my results. He took me through the EEOC into filing a lawsuit in Federal Court and then settling at mediation. Mr. Zoldan fights for the people who don't know the law and have little voices out there over big corporations.

— Cindy

Shields Petitti Zoldan Attorneys

Burr Shields

  • Employment Law
  • Arbitration and Mediation

Employees and employers alike benefit from Burr's 30-plus years of experience in labor and employment law, human resources management, administrative proceedings and employment litigation.

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Michael J. Petitti, Jr.

  • Employment Law
  • Employment Litigation

Employees and employers alike benefit from Mike Petitti’s 30-plus years of experience in labor and employment law, human resources management, administrative proceedings and employment litigation.

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Michael Zoldan

  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Small Business Consulting

Attorney Michael Zoldan provides legal counsel to individuals and small businesses throughout Arizona.

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Sarah N. O'Keefe

  • Workplace Investigations
  • Employment Law

Sarah has extensive expertise in labor and employment law. In addition to advocating for and advising her clients, Sarah also performs neutral work, such as serving as a mediator, arbitrator, and third party investigator.